Top 3 sneakers must have for the spring

3. The Sacai Nike Green Gusto

Retail: $120

Resell: $400+

This collaboration between the high end japanese brand and the all american Nike is perfect for the green colors of spring. With a green looking silhouette the sneaker plays a great role in blending in for the season. The secondary yellow matches with the sun on a beautiful spring day. The intricate design on this sneaker makes perfect for the spring. Not only does the sneaker look appealing to the eye, but it is extremely comfortable. That is why it is surnamed the waffle, soft, cloudy, and dough on the walk just like a spongey waffle. Even though the sneaker was released two years ago, it always makes a comeback during the beginning of spring time. The vibrant colors the shoe possesses fit perfectly with any t-shirt and jeans, however, you should always match them with white socks.


2. Vans


You can never go wrong with vans. This iconic skateboard silhouette from Los Angelos has always been a trend among teens. A very affordable shoe amongst most teens and the shoe itself can be worn with almost anything. The black and white seats perfectly on the shoe, making a great night out with friends type of shoe for the spring time. I personally think it looks great to have some pair of vans in your rotation, more specifically the white and black color way.

1. New Balance 990 v5

Retail: $160

For the last and best shoe for spring time is the New Balance 990 with the grey color way. This sneaker can be referred as a dad shoe with its resemblance to stereotypical dad sneakers that are trending these past years. A very comfortable shoe with a great design. This shoe can also be worn with anything, but better with grey sweatpants and white socks. Great shoe to jog with or to have a stroll at the park with friends. The color grey and white looks incredible with the silhouette.


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