My personal favorite sneaker of all time

Retail: $190

Resell: ~$2000

From the best collaboration  to go down in Nike history, the Off-White and Nike collab designed by Virgil Abloh, in my opinion the greatest east of all time. The shoe itself looks deconstructed, however that where the beauty lies. Virgil is following this Japanese philosophy that states that there is some kind of beauty in destruction, enough to satisfy the human eye. I totally agree with this statement and this sneaker is a great example of such. Paying attention to details is important when looking at this silhouette. One of my personal favorite detail is that the shoe comes with 3 shoelaces and each with a different color (blue, white, and orange). This basically gives you the choice to rock the shoe with your liking and style, if you are subtle type of person you would go for the white. However, if you are type to want to get stares at your shoes, then the flashy orange laces are for you.

Actually like Virgil’s absolute first plan on the outline, this one again draws motivation from an exemplary Air Jordan 1 colorway. To explain: “UNC” is another way to say “University of North Carolina”, which is Michael Jordan’s institute of matriculation. The North Carolina Tar Heels ball group’s outfits broadly include Carolina Blue and White. Obviously Virgil again puts his own twist on the forthcoming OFF-WHITE collab. Very much like on 2017’s “Chicago” colorway, the collar overlay sports an unobtrusive dark tone. Orange pronunciations at that point come in type of the uncovered stitchings on the Swoosh, while a “Grayish for NIKE” print graces the inward sidewalls. What’s more, obviously, the mark “AIR” and “SHOELACES” letterings likewise top off this plan.


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