Top 3 sneaker influencers

3. Qias Omar

Qias Omar is a very popular youtuber in the sneaker community. He has accumulated more than a million subscribers reviewing and giving his opinion on limited edition sneakers. He was given a brand deal with New Balance, due to his influence in the sneaker community and amongst young adolescent. He pioneer many new video ideas related to sneakers thats makes him unique and different than the other sneaker youtubers. One of these video ideas, he goes on the streets of Los Angelos and asks people how much their sneakers costs. This was a very successful  video series he has in his youtube channel.

2. Dominic Ciambrone aka the Shoe Surgeon

Ciambrone might be exclusively liable for spearheading the act of shoe-customization for shoes. He’s popular amongst for deconstructing shoes, dismantling them, and revamping them with premium materials. With big name customers including Justin Bieber, Will.I.Am, Drake, and LeBron James, Ciambrone presently works the Shoe Surgeon Studios in L.A. for bespoke shoe customization, and The Shoe Surgeon School, where he shows shoe customization to the cutting edge carrying on his heritage.

1. Joe La Puma

While functioning as a shop aide at prestigious shoe store Finish Line in Long Island, Joe La Puma went through two years as an understudy at the venerated youth culture magazine Complex, ultimately finding his fantasy work as an online manager for the distribution. Shoe Shopping is La Puma’s most striking task for Complex, which dispatched in 2015, and is the world-driving tennis shoe arrangement today, averaging more than 3 million perspectives for each scene. Since 2017, the arrangement has developed almost 50%, featuring craftsmen and competitors including Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael B Jordan and Sean “Diddy” Combs in its in excess of 100 scenes. La Puma’s sneakerhead status will likewise see him have the Sneaker of the Year board at Complexcon, the streetwear show in Long Beach returning for its third year this end of the week.


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